Driving while female: The perils of the woman driver

In an automobile advertisement, a young woman in a business suit races down a highway in her car, her ecstatic face signaling the joy of freedom, speed, and rebellion. There are no men hooting or heckling, or trying to run her off the road. She's clearly not in India, where misogyny is the other traffic hazard faced by women on a daily basis.


Published in Firstpost.com, Oct 25, 2012.


The Princess Complex: 

How fairy tales poison our daughters.

Thanks to these timeless tales, we have to explain to our toddler why she can't eat poison or actually kiss that garden toad; how terribly unwise it is to stick your foot into a glass slipper, or try to engage in conversation of any kind with a mirror. 

Published in Firstpost.com, July 12, 2012. 



Nursery school shopping: Welcome to the nightmare! 

I'll never forget the day when I visited a friend in the hospital, after the birth of her son. Two days after her C-section, she was on the cell phone, hauling her husband over the coals for not having registered for that exclusive nursery.


Published in Firstpost.com, May 3, 2012. 


Stop Multi-tasking: It's a brain, not an octopus

When you perform two or more activities simultaneously, how good is your ability to focus? Are you really doing justice to it all? According to a 2009 study by Stanford researchers, those who multitask eventually must pay a mental price. Heavy multitaskers were constantly taxing their minds by forcing themselves to shift abruptly between one activity and the next. This caused significant cognitive impairment, creating some degree of confusion and displacement, the study found.


Published in Firstpost.com, Feb 10, 2012. 



No tension: 25 handy ways to beat stress

Stress is an inevitable part of modern living. While countless articles may tell you how to avoid it, the truth is: there's no getting away from it completely, but your habits, organisational skills and state of mind can contribute much towards a stress free life. So sit back and relax, while you take heed of our 25 stress-busting tips. 


Published in Firstpost.com, Jan 30, 2012


Chequered History

It is a decades-old scene common to every hamlet, town and city in India – a dusty playground at midday, chock full of schoolchildren armed with cricket bats and rubber balls, sweating bullets, but playing earnestly, despite the searing heat. 


Published in the Diplomat, 2009





You have a growing family that constantly requires your care and attention, a sprawling home to look after, a demanding career and a thriving social life. With every passing day, you bear greater resemblance to the dexterous juggler from circus. The gentle balance you bring to your life helps keep all the myriad balls in the air, but you are increasingly aware that with one wrong move, it could come crashing around you. Interestingly enough, the greatest challenge that twenty-first century life poses is that of time management. With boundaries that mark out the traditional roles and responsibilities between men and women blurring, the economic arena getting tougher and the need to excel in all spheres becoming a crucial survival skill, never before has time management become such an urgent priority.




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