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Islands off-the beaten-track

SILVER KRIS, JAN 2018 Few destinations in India remain as pristine as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an archipelago of 572 islands sprinkled around the glittering Bay of Bengal. Of these, only 36 are inhabited, with one of the most popular being Havelock Island.


He is the Pied Piper of parakeets. Here is the story of a man who has inadvertently created a natural sanctuary in the throbbing heart of the city of Chennai.

Penang's Surprising Side...

Located on the north-west coast of peninsular Malaysia, Penang was one of the very first possessions of the British in South-East Asia. Today, it’s an economic powerhouse, rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Magical Hong Kong makes for a great

National Geographic Traveller, March 2017. Temple time, cable car rides, and soaks in sake baths and green tea's your 24-hour guide to Asia's finest in Hong Kong...

A Holiday in Kochi

Serendib, 2017 Whether you're exploring its famed shimmering backwaters, planning lingering encounters in its rain soaked wealth of natural greenery, or immersing yourself in the arts and cultural scene, a holiday in Kochi can be incredibly restorative for both body and mind...

Courtallam, the land of waterfalls

Bathing in Courtallam is an experience unlike any other. A blast of icy cold water pounds away at the body. It’s like being massaged by a million rounded pebbles. The force compels one to hold on for dear life to the metallic railings that line the bathing area, which teems with people in the peak season.

Eco adventures in Coimbatore

Serendib, August 2017 Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, the nerve centre of the textile manufacturing, industry and commerce and home to some of the best universities. And yet despite its explosive urban growth, Coimbatore remains refreshingly green.

Singapore Slings

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER, JAN 2017 I am painfully aware that if I fall, I will splatter into a crater on the ground, much like a certain coyote on Cartoon Network. I am hanging, arms akimbo, in a Spider-Man-meets-Tarzan sort of way, but I am in a secure climbing harness, suspended from a thick metal wire. Still, my heart is in my mouth.

Tales Carved in Stone...

It is a warm, breezy evening as I stroll along the narrow street that leads the way to one of the world’s most ancient places of worship. The sweet scent of jasmine flowers and freshly cut coconuts assail my senses. On either side of the street, mounds of jasmine flowers are heaped up like cascading arrays of pearls.

A River Runs Through It

Bangkok is home to some of the world’s most versatile and colorful market places, the most agonizing traffic jams and the most breathtaking sculptural legacies. A marriage of legendary history and stunning architecture, in Bangkok a thriving commerce intermingles with life and tourism along Chao Phraya River …

Ocean Nirvana

Nothing can adequately prepare you for your first glimpse of Maldives from the skies. An archipelago of a thousand tiny island lagoons, scattered like gems over an exquisite ocean, as if a giant hand had dispersed them in these foaming waters.

The Valley Of Rainbows

As our vehicle crept up the winding pathway navigating the sudden and sharp hairpin bends in the hills with adeptness, the blast of cold air that caressed our faces came as a shock after the pent-up heat of the plains. This was nature’s way of welcoming us to Kodaikanal, the Mecca for honeymooners and nature lovers all over Tamil Nadu.

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