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JUNE 22, 2022: This is Hell! 

Live Interview with Chuck Mertz, the host of the radio show  This is Hell!  based on my article for the WIRED about India's deadly wet bulb temperatures, a dangerous mix of heat and humidity in the era of climate change.

JUNE 8, 2022  Why Would You Tell Me That? 

I went on a podcast with Danish anchors Neil and Dave to talk about air pollution in India and one very unusual solution, based on my BBC article The World's Most Polluted Capital City. Check out our chat in the link below. (It starts at the 24 minute mark!)

FEB 21, 2022, ABC Australia Radio National, Intelligence and Fossils

In conversation with ABC Australia Radio National's Counterpoint host Amanda Vanstone about  why India's fossil wealth remains hidden, based on my piece for the BBC. Listen in at the 26 minute mark! 

JAN 2019: The Daily Digest: BFM 89.9, The Business Station, Indian Science Fiction Congress? 

I spoke to the hosts of The Daily Digest about the rather amusing and alarming pseudoscience that came out of The National Indian Science Congress, based on my report for NPR News

JULY 2018, ABC Australia Radio National, How India Beat Nipah

In conversation with ABC Australia Radio National's Sarah Mac Donald about  how India beat the Nipah virus and made a joyous music video about it too, based on my piece for NPR's Goats & Soda

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